Modern Housekeeping in Vacation Rental
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Modern Housekeeping in the vacation rental industry

Modern Housekeeping in the vacation rental industry

The housekeeping industry has changed dramatically since the explosion of short-term rentals. Vacation rentals have become a popular alternative to hotels, so as demand grows, so does the need for quality housekeeping and maintenance to meet compliance standards and make properties rent-ready again.

Cleaners are one of the most vital parts of the business!

It's easy for cleaners to become an afterthought, but without cleaners there is no industry!

They enter with their supplies, clean the mess left by guests, and then they disappear until it's time to do it all again. With growing demand, housekeepers often clean up to five properties per day. It can be physically demanding, mentally challenging and time consuming. Add to that a large volume of homes being rented out each day, perhaps across multiple geographical regions and the complexities can grow exponentially. There needs to be an efficient way for housekeepers who work within these industries to provide quality service while maintaining efficiency as well as keeping costs low enough so that profits aren't impacted negatively over time

Successful businesses invest time and energy into hiring, staff training and scheduling efficiency.

Working with property care software such as EZcare can help streamline this process by providing essential tools that can give housekeepers access to all information about their day-to-day operations in one place.

Quality of housekeeping affects guest satisfaction, which leads to customer reviews

Housekeeping is an important part of the guest experience, and the quality of housekeeping impacts guest satisfaction. Vacation Rental Pros conducted a survey and found overall guest satisfaction was correlated with a high quality of clean.

And guests are not afraid to leave negative reviews. Guests expect clean, consistent and quality service from their property manager. A survey by AirDNA found that 78% of people are more likely to leave a review if they have a bad experience, compared to just 21% who were likely to do so if their experience is positive. Additionally, guests are even more inclined to leave negative feedback when they feel that something went wrong during their stay (87%).

Property damage is a major concern for vacation rental property managers

Guest reviews can impact the bottom line, but so can property damage and property damage care.

As soon as possible after noticing any kind of damage on a property, taking photos of the area affected will help document exactly how much was damaged, and give field staff something to use when reporting the incident to the management company or owner--making sure repairs are made right away by contacting the appropriate people on the team.

If excessive or accidental damage is noticed, occurring during guest stays, talking with them about remedying these issues before they leave can mitigate negative experiences--and potentially bad reviews!


Housekeeping and maintenance are a crucial part of the modern vacation rental industry. All in all, it can be a lot for one vacation rental owner or manager to handle on their own. EZcare can help vacation rental managers and homeowners revolutionize the way they operate, instantly gain efficiencies, and save money. It's EZ

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