Refer A Colleague and Earn Cash
Do you love the experience with the EZ platform and our support? If you do, refer colleagues to EZ and earn cash!

How does EZ Referral Program work?
- You will be paid 10% of your referred customer's recurring payment to EZcare in the first 6 months*.
- Your referred customer will get the first month FREE.
If Jackie refers Seaside Resort to EZcare that pays $600 per month to EZcare, then Seaside's payment to EZcare in the first 6 months is $600x6 = $3,600.
Jackie's referral fee is $360 (10% of $3,600), plus Seaside Resort gets one month FREE!
Who can I refer to EZ?
You can refer any company in the following industries that EZ supports

      - Vacation rental
      - Corporate housing
      - Multi-family rental
      - Cleaning services
      - Inspection services
      - Maintenance and repair
      - Inventory management
      - Delivery services
      - Any company needing operation management
Contact EZ at if you want to make a referral or have any questions.
* A referral expires if the referred company has not become an EZ customer within 90 days of the referral date. A referral is rewarded only if no one else has referred the same customer to EZ in the last 90 days.

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