How to prepare your rental property for severe weather
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How to prepare your rental property for severe weather?

As a vacation rental owner, it's essential to prepare your property for natural disaster to ensure the safety and comfort of your guests. Severe weather conditions can cause damage to your property and put your guests at risk. In this blog, we'll share five tips to help you prepare your vacation rental property for severe weather.

1. Perform regular inspection and maintenance on your property

Regular inspection and maintenance of your vacation rental property is crucial to ensure that it's in good condition and able to withstand severe weather. Inspect your property regularly for any issues that may need to be addressed, such as loose shingles, broken windows, or damaged gutters. Repair any damage as soon as possible to prevent further damage during severe weather. EZcare's inspection and maintenance tools can help you accomplish these tasks efficiently.

2. Keep your guests informed

One of the most important things you can do as a vacation rental owner is to keep your guests informed about the weather forecast and any potential hazards. Before their arrival, send them an email or message detailing what they can expect and what precautions they should take. It's also a good idea to provide them with emergency contact numbers and local weather alerts. EZcare's automated and bulk guest communication tool can help you stay in touch with guests all the time.

3. Provide emergency supplies

During severe weather, your guests may be stuck indoors for an extended period. Provide them with emergency supplies, such as flashlights, batteries, non-perishable food items, and bottled water. Make sure that there are adequate supplies of blankets and towels to keep your guests warm and dry.

4. Secure outdoor furniture and equipment

Outdoor furniture and equipment, such as umbrellas, chairs, and grills, can become dangerous projectiles during severe weather conditions. Secure these items or move them inside to prevent damage to your property or injury to your guests. Consider investing in weather-resistant outdoor furniture that can withstand severe weather.

5. Check the roof and windows

One of the most vulnerable areas during a storm is the roof and windows of your vacation rental property. Inspect the roof for any damage or leaks and repair them before the storm hits. Make sure to also check the windows for any cracks or gaps and seal them if necessary to prevent water from entering.

6. Have a plan in place for emergencies

In the event of an emergency, it's important to have a plan in place to ensure the safety of your guests. Develop an emergency plan that includes evacuation procedures and a list of emergency contacts, such as the local police and fire departments. Communicate this plan to your guests and make sure that they know what to do in the event of an emergency.

Preparing your vacation rental property for severe weather is essential to ensure the safety and comfort of your guests. By following these six tips, you can minimize the risk of damage to your property and keep your guests safe during severe weather conditions.

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