CWS Streamlines Corporate Housing and Home Services Operations


CWS Corporate Housing is a leading provider of temporary housing solutions for corporations and individuals across the United States. The company prides itself on offering top-notch customer service and delivering high-quality, fully furnished apartments that meet the needs of its clients. To achieve these goals, CWS partnered with EZcare to streamline its operations and improve productivity.


CWS faced several challenges in its corporate housing and home services operations. One of the biggest challenges was managing the guest move-in and move-out inspection process. CWS needed a way to ensure that its apartments were in top condition before and after each guest's stay. In addition, CWS struggled with managing its home services division, which included housekeeping, turn clean, furniture delivery and pick, and houseware adjustments. The company needed a solution that would streamline these operations and improve overall efficiency.


CWS worked with EZcare to implement a solution that would address its challenges. The EZcare platform was used to build custom move-in and move-out inspection forms that required answers to specific questions and pop-up camera icons to ensure that photos were taken. This helped to standardize the inspection process and ensure that all apartments were inspected thoroughly before and after each guest's stay.

After the successful launch of the corporate housing project, CWS Home Services worked with EZcare to expand the platform to its home services division. EZcare was integrated with CWS's SAP software system, which allowed service requests to be pulled from SAP and automatically assigned to field staff members in EZcare. Once the tasks were completed, EZcare automatically submitted the results back to SAP, eliminating the need for manual data entry and saving time.

"Thank you for your hard work during our EZcare onboarding and integration with SAP. There were many challenges and obstacles to overcome with coding and mapping of systems. I appreciate your team's effort and patience to work with us on account set up, customization, building forms and correcting errors. Thanks to everyone on the EZcare team who brought the time saving solutions for CWS Home Services. "

-  Jeff Harvick, VP Home Services, CWS Home Services


The launch of EZcare significantly improved the productivity of CWS and streamlined its corporate housing and home services operations. The move-in and move-out inspection process was standardized, ensuring that all apartments were inspected thoroughly and efficiently. The integration with SAP allowed CWS to automate many of its processes, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing errors. As a result, CWS was able to improve its customer service and deliver high-quality temporary housing solutions to its clients.


EZcare helped CWS to streamline its corporate housing and home services operations, improving overall efficiency and productivity. By working with EZcare, CWS was able to standardize its inspection process, automate its service requests and assignments, and eliminate manual data entry. These improvements helped CWS to deliver top-notch customer service and meet the needs of its clients more effectively.

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