Kabino Customizes EZcare to Serve Its Complex Workflow


Kabino Property Management is a diversified vacation rental company currently managing over 60 units in 7 different states. Incorporating EZcare's customization capabilities allowed the company to think more strategically about property operations and staff optimization, propelling more growth opportunities and guest satisfaction.

The Problem

Kabino needed property care software to manage their operations tasks with ease across a diversified footprint and property types, ranging from single family houses to condos and motels. In addition, the software demanded enough flexibility to meet the needs of their unique workflows. Their current supplier was unable to provide the necessary customization required to meet their needs, leaving Kabino with significant gaps.

The Solution

Partnering with EZcare opened Kabino's ability to tailor the software to fit their operations. The two companies became "partners" in an effort to meet the specific needs of Kabino. This partnership allowed Kabino to utilize the expertise and resources of EZcare to optimize and customize the software, resulting in improved efficiency and effectiveness of their operations.

"You are amazing! … I've noticed a bunch of improvements you guys have made to the system and am thoroughly tickled pink! As I continue to find them, I'll be sure to let you know which ones we love!"

-  Jasmine Pocza, Kabino Vacation Rentals


Listening closely, and understanding their broad functionality needs across a decentralized set of properties, including vacation rentals and motels, EZcare developed enhancements to the platform; simultaneously building new functionality custom-made to meet their needs. Yan Zang, EZcare's Chief Architect say, "it's our willingness to really listen to the customer, then build solutions to fit their needs that separate us. We should work with their systems, not the other way around."

EZcare's operations platform works in conjunction with Streamline PMS to generate an advanced data exchange resulting in a significant reduction in redundant data entry, increased data accuracy, and gained efficiencies."It's a game changer for us in all aspects of operations management", says Jasmine Pocza, Operations Manager. EZcare's ability to deeply integrate into Kabino's workflows, curbing costs, and working hand-in-hand helps elevate the brand and grow the business. A win, win in anybody's book!

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